Mission / Evangelisation

Allt vi gör har med mission och evangelisation att göra. I menyn under rubriken "Evangelisation" ser du en del av vad vi gör, återkom gärna till oss och se om vi kan vara till hjälp på din ort!

Biblioteca financiera BECA

This Electronic Financial Library provides instant access to bestselling books and resources from Dr. AndresPanasiuk and Crown Financial Ministries. The information included in this library give advice on budgeting, debtreduction,major purchases -like buying a home and a car,- investments and retirement.The software includes: 5 books on finances 1 book on investment 1 book on Biblical principles to run a business 10 short videos 40 short audio recordings Answers to the 200 most frequently asked questions about finances Over 100 financial articles for print media Financial forms

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